Winter Sports Electric Heated Socks

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  • Great warm winter savior welcomed during cold indoor & outdoor activities like lounging, fishing, camping, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile, snow shoveling, riding motorcycle, climbing, hiking, hunting and mountaineering etc.Won’t shock, even when wet!
  • Rechargeable heated socks Good for blood circulation, warm whole body; help a lot in keeping your feet from cold in coming up winter season. Great option to keep you feet warm and toasty.
  • The heat lines on the socks go across the TOP/Bottom of your foot,your foot can get hard almost too hot to the point that it feels like it’s almost burning.
  • Lithium Battery Included Heated Socks
  • 3 Temperature Heating Set (High, Medium, Low)
  • Top / Bottom Instep Heating Area
  • Great for hunting, ice fishing, hiking, and sporting events. Won’t shock, even when wet!
  • Breathable,Stretchy Warm Material

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